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Utility Refund Agency?

We Save You Money

Companies spend the majority of their energy management resources on procuring energy cheaply and using less energy in their operations, yet they often leave out the very important step of auditing their monthly bills for inaccuracies.  While it may seem far-fetched, fixing billing errors and recovering overpayments can often account for a larger savings than shopping around for suppliers and costly infrastructure updates.

Experience and Expertise

Founded in 1996 by former utility company employees, URA is the leading utility bill review company in the United States with satisfied clients across multiple industries. With over 20 years of experience in the utility bill consulting arena, we are also the most seasoned and effective team of utility bill experts, consultants and analysts in the market today. Our in-depth and insider knowledge of the utility billing process combined with our proprietary review software are the most effective combination in the utilities industry.  

Paid for Performance

We operate solely on a contingency basis. We work to get you back refunds and credits from your utility companies for past overpayments you've made to them due to billing errors, calculation mistakes, and overcharges. We split these recovered monies with you after you receive them -- this "shared savings" approach allows your company to produce net bottom-line savings without any out-of-pocket expense.  While we show you how much money our recommendations will save you moving forward, we never share in ANY of your future savings.  



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