Utility Refund Agency

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Reviewing Utility Bills

Commercial utility bills are complex and confusing.

This makes them difficult to evaluate for overcharges and inaccuracies. Our proprietary software, unmatched utility bill expertise, and commitment to maximizing our clients’ savings combine to make us the leading utility bill review company in the U.S.

Our process consists of three simple steps:

1. Review Your Bills

Our team performs a detailed analysis of each of your utility bills to identify billing errors and overcharges. We provide a one-time review service -- no long term contract required.

2. Make Recommendations

Our consultant will then present our findings, along with an estimate of any refunds that may be available as well as future savings potential.

3. Implement Recommendations

If you decide to implement any of our recommendations, we do all of the work necessary to obtain any available refunds and to initiate the savings going forward.